My latest project -One focal length

I’ve finished with my year-long project, and while it will be nice to not feel obligated to edit and post every  night, I did enjoy seeing the results of all the edits I did. So, not much grass is going to grow under my feet — I’ve got an idea for projects for 2017. I think they’re going to be month-long, but not shooting/posting every day.

I’m using this post as a guide: Photographic Assignments to Hone Your Skills

I’ll be doing the one focal length challenge in February. For the past several years I’ve been shooting with a 17-55mm — a great lens, but a bit big and heavy. It opens up to 2.8 and is just really versatile. I’ve wanted to start working more with primes though, and the ones I have are lighter and can open up wider (which means they’re better in lower light situations).

This past weekend we went to Key West so, even without this challenge in mind, I decided to take my 50mm 1.8 prime. This was the very first lens I owned! I knew this meant no zooming, and no wide street shots. But I knew I’d have a lot of beach/sunset shots where I didn’t necessarily need a wide angle. And I’d have my phone camera that can take wider shots. . .

Looking back over the pics that I like, I used my 50mm for the landscape shots, and I ended up using my phone camera in town. So, for the rest of the month I’m going to have to be purposeful to not use my phone as much. I’ll either be using my 50 or 85. And I just rented a 24mm for this coming weekend. Can’t wait to try it out!

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